Welcome to DELTA-TOP!

Delta-Top is a music publishing company located in the center of Rome, created as a result of the recording studio projected by Claudio Bartolucci in the 80's.

The company and the recording studio are managed by a musical and technical team accustomed to work together in various projects over many years:

Claudio Bartolucci (director, arranger and sound engineer)
Andy Bartolucci (drummer, arranger)
Marco Valerio Cecilia (cello player, guitar player, arranger)
Francesco Sciarretta (piano player, arranger)
Sergio Sciarretta (web and commercial promoter)

Our analog/digital products, are made with high quality instruments and professional audio equipment in three independent and/or connected spaces soundproof and air-conditioned.

The studio offers the possibility to record and arrange entire albums or simply single instruments, as well as dubbing and soundtracks.

Our 'Philosophy' preserves real instruments and live sessions with the collaboration of the electronic sound and virtual instruments. The result is often an heterogeneous product which draws on various styles, without ties.